Worship & Spiritual Life

The purpose of the Worship-Spiritual Development Commission is to foster the spiritual life of the parish community by educating for liturgy, planning, implementing, and evaluating worship experience and by educating to other means of spiritual growth, marriage; planning implementing and evaluating these means, e.g. parish missions, retreats, day of prayer/reflection, parish devotions, courses on prayer and spiritual growth, marriage and family, enrichment, vocation awareness, etc.  Growth in faith worship, and religious commitment is a life-long task, and should be a focus of attention of the Commission and the Office of Spiritual Renewal for the Laity have been organized to assist in this task. 

Among the membership of the Worship-Spiritual Development Commission should be experts or competent persons in the areas of spiritual growth, worship, and music.  These persons could include one or more priests of the parish, members of the lectors, cantors, servers, organists, and choir, individuals with creative ideas for unity, family etc. and persons involved in the various renewal movements in the Church, e.g. Charismatic Renewal, Marriage Encounter. 

 If you are interested in joining this Committee, please call the Parish Office at 573-486-2723.