Social Concerns

The Social Concerns Commission is involved with the physical, psychological, social and economic needs of the people.  It coordinates efforts to care for the needy and to take action and organize efforts on their behalf.  It oversees and coordinates both service and action into the Parish.  The Commission is a liaison between the Parish Council and Committees set up under it to work and minister to needs.  Because of its tasks, the Commission must address concerns of all members of the community as well as those of the Parish.

Membership should include parishioners knowledgeable in the community organizations, empathetic towards human problems and sensitive to issues of social justice.  It could include, if possible, a doctor, lawyer, welfare worker, as well as those served by and involved in parish programs.  Parish organizations and committees included could be the Social Action committee, Ladies Sodality, Hospitality-Newcomers Committee, etc.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Parish Office at 573-486-2723.