Ladies Sodality

The Ladies Sodality is organized to unite the Catholic women of St. George Parish in religious, educational, and social activities.  The organization also has the goal of assisting the Pastor in spiritual and material programs for the welfare of the Parish.

Membership is open to any reputable, pious Christian women who are members of St. George Parish.  Memberships dues are only $3 a year. 

Regular meetings are held once each month except during June, July, and August also December and January.

Some of the main responsibilities of the Ladies Sodality are to:

Provide receptions for graduates and confrmands

Present Rosaries to graduates

Launder and mend servers' garments

Maintain an active prayer line

Contribute to community affairs both monetarily and in-kind

Help with needed kitchen items

Send cards to residents of Frene Valley Health Center for birthdays or Illnesses


We are in need of members for the Ladies Sodality.  If you are interested in joining, please call the Parish Office at 573-486-2723.